The vango monte verde for your adventure time

For the larger family, for longer trips away from home, or for those who like to take guests along on their camping holidays, we at Outdoor World Direct recommend a tent from Vango’s more luxurious Premium range, such as the Vango Monte Verde 900. While having a large number of people sharing one tent could be claustrophobic there is no chance of this happening in this light and airy tunnel-style tent. The inner has plenty of head room for adults and windows are present in all the living areas, which can also be covered when privacy is required. Stuffiness should not be a problem as a ventilation system has been incorporated into the tent by the addition of mesh panels along with vents which, while allowing air to flow, are also designed to be protected from the weather.

The use of flame retardant materials and strong steel poles means that the whole family can feel safe inside this roomy and thoughtfully-designed tent. While pitching larger tents can take practice, the Vango Monte Verde 900 has been designed to be put up in under an hour, with colour coding on the poles and flysheet-first pitching, ensuring that the inner stays dry even if a shower greets the family’s arrival at the campsite.

The whole tent is fitted with sewn-in groundsheets, helping to keep the inner warm in cooler weather and adding a feeling of cosiness. For extra snugness a carpet is available, and we offer this at Outdoor World Direct as part of a package, together with the tent itself and a footprint groundsheet to protect the bottom of the tent and prolong its life.

A central living area behind the porch is fitted with doors on both sides so people are able to come and go freely without disturbing anyone using the room for rest or play. At the rear of the tent, three sleeping compartments are arranged side by side, with the largest one in the centre accommodating three if necessary.

One of the bedrooms is fitted with a handy clothes rail which means it could be used as a wardrobe if desired. An extra sleeping compartment is also provided which can be set up in either of the living areas, making the tent extremely flexible to use; it could be used for storage or even as a cubicle for a camping toilet.

The large porch is useful and unusual in a tent of this size because of its attached groundsheet and the fact that it can be fully closed to shut out the weather. It has windows on all sides and, as well as having two panels at the front which can be opened, the sides can be rolled up or lifted using poles to create a larger, more airy space. Some families might like to store outdoor equipment in the porch, keeping it out of the inner living area. Alternatively, the extra sleeping compartment can be set up for guests in the porch, providing more privacy for the family.
It is tents such as the Vango Monte Verde 900 that make Vango tents so popular.