Digital Viewfinder review

Aputure Gigtube digital remote viewfinder, equipped with a 2.5-inch rotating LCD screen, in addition to achieving multi-angle viewing, you can also automatically display the user has just completed the photo shoot, and by manipulating the shutter release button, you can remote control the camera shutter from the plane to film distance.


Off-camera live view

Are different from their real-time camera viewfinder function, Aputure Gigtube digital remote viewfinder stress from machine framing. Remote camera viewfinder viewfinder features real-time switch to the remote control screen, this time from the camera viewfinder allows users to self-timer on many occasions, such as high angle and low angle shooting inconvenience of shooting conditions, great convenient for users of the shooting.

Off-camera remote shutter release

Also, Aputure Gigtube digital remote viewfinder stress while shooting from the plane away from the machine to achieve a shutter, as the machine itself, equipped with a shutter so the shutter from the machine is not too difficult to achieve things, plus also a preview from the machine functions, this product can be regarded as a completely independent control system with the camera itself.


Multi-angle shooting

This function should be refined from the machine part of the real-time viewing, but for many professional users are very useful features, such as covert filming, such as high angle shot. The photographer can not get close to or a special view of the shooting scenario, the advantages of this digital viewfinder will be reflected.