Best Of Outdoor Propane Camping Stove

images (3)When choosing a propane camp stove you’ll want to look and see how many BTU’s it puts out. The BTU output tells you few things among the most important are how fast it will boil water. Higher BTU stoves will boil water at a quicker rate than lower BTU fuel stoves. Another important thing to take into consideration when looking for a camp stove is how many burners it has and also what kind of camping you plan on doing when using the stove.

Single Burner Stoves

When choosing a single burner camping stove you’ll have several options as far as design and BTU output is concerned. A single camp stove works great for backpackers or other campers that have space constraints. You can find BTU stoves ranging from around 5,000 to upwards of 60,000 BTU/hr. A 5,000 BTU camp stove is ideal for the backpacker because they are most likely small and light weight so packing them in a bag or kayak is easy. The larger single burner propane camp stoves that burn up to 60,000 BTU/HR are not that great for hikers because they tend to be a lot larger in size.

Camp Chef produces a single burner propane stove that operates in the 60,000 BTU range and is great for weekend end camping trips. The Camp Chef heats foods extremely quick but also weighs around 19 lbs so you would want to have to carry it around with you on a long hiking or backpacking trip. A better choice for a single burner hiking and backpacking camp stove is produced by Texsport that weighs less than 2lbs and operates off of disposable propane tanks.

Dual Burner Camping Stoves

A dual burner camp stove is ideal for your next family camping trip. Additional burners allow you to make a dish in a skillet and also boil water at the same time. When choosing a dual burner camping stove you’ll want to check and see how many BTU’s each burner operates on as many have two different settings. Acamp stove with two different settings is nice because you can do something that requires higher heat such as making coffee and also cook something that requires less heat like making eggs. Theses stoves can get very heavy and large so they don’t make a good choice for backpacking.