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Protect Your Utv and Atv

What are you using your ATV for?  Unlike your typical car or truck, there seems to be no consensus to the many uses for the agile UTV utility vehicle.  Back country trail rider, hunter, outdoor enthusiast, farmer, construction foreman or landscape engineer, it seems the application is only limited by the imagination.  These rugged four wheelers will crawl up rocky terrain, dart through mud and splash through streams with ease and reliability.  Increasingly popular because of their incredibly light weight,  easy transport and ability to trek narrow terrain.  The side by side community has found near countless benefits to the use of the versatile 2×4, 4×4 and even 6×6 wheeled companions.

No matter what the use of your ATV utility vehicle is, Atv is your premier online source for all  UTV cab enclosures and ATV accessories.  Now you can personalize your side by side with a heavy duty professional grade water proof marine textile, available in popular colors.
Protect yourself and your equipment from mother nature and the harmful outdoor elements like rain, snow, sun and wind. Customize your UTV to fit your needs or terrorize the trails with a full cab enclosure, windshields, tops, soft doors, rear window kits and combo ATV cabs.  Though some will find their factory equipped side by side utility vehicle great on it’s own, others find that with a few extra accessories the standard ATV can be transformed to best suit their personal needs.

With years of expertise in outfitting utility vehicles with custom enclosures and it is supplies only quality gear with superior strength and craftsmanship.  Professionally fitted for all leading brands Polaris Ranger, Arctic Cat Prowler, John Deere Gator, Kawasaki Mule, Kubota RTV, Yamaha Rhino, American Sports Works and Husqvarna ATV UTV utility vehicles.  Check out the full selection of cab enclosures and accessories for your UTV weekend toy or everyday workhorse.

Outdoor Storage Sheds Is The Improtant One

Outdoor storage sheds and steel buildings are important from the point of view of storing
items that need extra space. These may include vessels, sports goods, garden tools, yard equipment and even junk. You may also use a storage building to park your ATV, tractor or other vehicles. The type of shed to choose depends on your specific requirements and also on the amount of space available in your yard. A storage building is of high utility value and will prove to be a worthy investment in the long run. An overview of the major advantages associated with outdoor storage sheds will bear out their significance.

  • A spacious shed put up in your property can protect your valuable investments such as a vehicle, boat, RV, and others. You can have a customized storage building, built to your required dimensions.
  • Storage sheds provide the space to safely store your children’s toys, Christmas decorations, and other items you have collected over the years and wish to retain. With an outdoor storage shed, you needn’t clutter your home with these objects any more. In the case of businesses, storage sheds come in useful to store the many boxes of paperwork. This will save them the money that would otherwise have to be paid in rent.
  • Homeowners living on rented property can benefit from a portable storage building. These portable structures can be easily moved from one place to another, thus saving them a lot of money and time.
  • Attractively designed outdoor storage sheds serve well as a venue for outdoor events such as a birthday party, family reunion, pool party and other occasions.
  • These structures can be designed as barns, carports, warehouses, utility sheds, sports arenas, and gymnasiums.
  • An outdoor storage building adds value to your property, and also enhances its overall appearance.

Steel Buildings for More Durability

Steel buildings are proof against heavy snow, hurricane speed winds, sun, rain and other hostile weather conditions. Whether for domestic, commercial or agricultural use, steel structures will prove to be a profitable investment. Steel is a “green” material that is hundred percent recyclable; it is resistant to rust and termites and therefore involve only minimal maintenance. Apart from a purely functional purpose, storage sheds serve an aesthetic purpose as well, when attractively designed to complement your existing residential/commercial building and its surroundings.

Make it a point to buy your storage building from a popular and reputable dealer that offers installation and maintenance services. Your dealer will ensure that your storage building is made of the finest quality materials and that it is installed safely and securely to provide many years valuable service.

Party Tents In Chicago

Love is in the air once again in this month of February. Valentine’s day is recognized all over the world. It is a special occassion that is most celebrated by couples, families, groups, and even individuals. Night clubs and bars host special events, restaurants make their place more romantic, and malls offer Valentine’s day sale. Perhaps the most romantic setting for this occassion is an outdoor dinner in a cozy ambiance. What most restaurants or event organizers do is setup a party tent for the occasion.

Tent Structures Chicago During Valentine’s Day

Tent rental North Shore is very prominent these days especially on occasions such as the Valentine’s day. Hotels and restaurants extend their dining services outdoors during special occasions to accommodate the high demand of people that flock into their business places. Tent rental North Shore is perhaps the most trusted service when it comes to party tents Chicago. It does not only build just the tent but it also sets up the whole venue. Party tents Chicago companies take charge of the tent lighting, fabric design, flooring, staging, as well as climate control equipment.

An outdoor party tent is not very easy to prepare. It is like building a whole new structure and setting up necessary utilities and equipment. That is why most businesses and organizations would rather leave it to tent rental Illinois companies than do it on their own which will only take too much of their time. But if they avail the services of skilled individuals, they can save more time, effort, and money. They can also ensure that the work quality of these professionals can produce a stunning outdoor venue for them.

Tent Rental Illinois is widely used not only for business but also for private gatherings such as birthdays and weddings. Actually, a lot of private occasions have already been setup by tent rental North Shore. This means that party tents are gaining high demand in outdoor parties today.

Business establishments may already have booked with tent rental Illinois companies for the coming Valentine’s day. They need to prepare for it because people will surely go out for lunch or dinner with their partners, friends or families. They have to make sure that they provide a good venue for these people to enjoy their Valentine’s Day dates and make it a memorable one. Thus, a customer’s satisfactory experience will yield more income and customer loyalty for the business.

Choose The electric balancing scooter

Electric self balancing scooter, called the somatosensory car, Segway,Hoverboards. There are two types of unicycle and two-wheeled on the market. Its operating principle is based on dynamic stabilization, by taking advantage of the body’s internal sophisticated solid-state gyroscope and acceleration sensor is to detect changes in posture of scooter, and the servo control system precisely adjusts the drive motor accordingly via the appropriate instructions calculated by the sophisticated and high-speed central microprocessor.

How to drive Similar to the human being’s own balance system, when the center of gravity of ourselves forward, the electric self balancing scooter has to move forward in order to ensure a balance, the scooter move back when the the center of gravity tilt. Meanwhile, some of the electric balancing scooter with grip is shifted by the telescoping pole, swing of the joystick with extendable rod make the vehicle speed difference between the left and right wheels (for example swinging telescopic rod to the left,the right wheel speed will be faster than the left wheel).

Energy source of the scooter resource from a lithium battery, a single charge can guarantee 20-70km Mileage and a top speed of 20km. When driving the electric balancing scooter with grip, pointing the direction lever forward direction needed, the balancing scooter will toward the direction pointed. When the direction lever is in the middle position of the vehicle, the system will travel toward the front. When the rotation of direction lever, the system is controlled accordingly both sides of the speed difference for steering, allowing the body to tilt follow where the joystick tilt so that you will get better experience.
The electronic balancing scooter with vertical steering breakthrough design subvert the traditional control mode, which is more in line with ergonomic operating habits.   There are many unique advantages for electric self balancing scooter over other vehicle,which can be mainly summarized as follows:

Instead of walking
Instead of walking is the physical characteristics of an electric balancing scooter and segway at speeds of up to 20km, the mileage is 20-70km after a single charge.
Take mobile video

Electric balancing scooter may be combined with cellular phone, DV, cameras and other equipment, it with its automatic walking function can be used as a mobile shooting platform.
APP application

Electric balancing scooter connected to the internet of mobile phone via mobile APP can Real-time understanding of information of driving, at the same time, APP can also achieve friends, sharing and other functions,importantly, it can be controlled by bluetooth configuration via Bluetooth mobile phone.
Play music

It can play music by being equipped with a bluetooth speaker via bluetooth mobile phone

The electric self balancing scooter is driven by batteries without noise,it adopts the lithium battery pack as a power source to achieve zero carbon emissions,moreover,by taking advantage of power conversion technology, lithium ion battery pack can be charged automatically in downhill process so that energy and momentum can be recycled.

Small size, light weight: the vertical projection area is similar to the size of two pairs of slippers, small footprint, those with the handle can be quickly disassembled. The weight is around 15kg.