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The vango monte verde for your adventure time

For the larger family, for longer trips away from home, or for those who like to take guests along on their camping holidays, we at Outdoor World Direct recommend a tent from Vango’s more luxurious Premium range, such as the Vango Monte Verde 900. While having a large number of people sharing one tent could be claustrophobic there is no chance of this happening in this light and airy tunnel-style tent. The inner has plenty of head room for adults and windows are present in all the living areas, which can also be covered when privacy is required. Stuffiness should not be a problem as a ventilation system has been incorporated into the tent by the addition of mesh panels along with vents which, while allowing air to flow, are also designed to be protected from the weather.

The use of flame retardant materials and strong steel poles means that the whole family can feel safe inside this roomy and thoughtfully-designed tent. While pitching larger tents can take practice, the Vango Monte Verde 900 has been designed to be put up in under an hour, with colour coding on the poles and flysheet-first pitching, ensuring that the inner stays dry even if a shower greets the family’s arrival at the campsite.

The whole tent is fitted with sewn-in groundsheets, helping to keep the inner warm in cooler weather and adding a feeling of cosiness. For extra snugness a carpet is available, and we offer this at Outdoor World Direct as part of a package, together with the tent itself and a footprint groundsheet to protect the bottom of the tent and prolong its life.

A central living area behind the porch is fitted with doors on both sides so people are able to come and go freely without disturbing anyone using the room for rest or play. At the rear of the tent, three sleeping compartments are arranged side by side, with the largest one in the centre accommodating three if necessary.

One of the bedrooms is fitted with a handy clothes rail which means it could be used as a wardrobe if desired. An extra sleeping compartment is also provided which can be set up in either of the living areas, making the tent extremely flexible to use; it could be used for storage or even as a cubicle for a camping toilet.

The large porch is useful and unusual in a tent of this size because of its attached groundsheet and the fact that it can be fully closed to shut out the weather. It has windows on all sides and, as well as having two panels at the front which can be opened, the sides can be rolled up or lifted using poles to create a larger, more airy space. Some families might like to store outdoor equipment in the porch, keeping it out of the inner living area. Alternatively, the extra sleeping compartment can be set up for guests in the porch, providing more privacy for the family.
It is tents such as the Vango Monte Verde 900 that make Vango tents so popular.

Understanding Of Outdoor Digital Signage NEMA Codes

The use of outdoor screens has increased in recent years. Advertising, information kiosks and outdoor digital signage are situated in various locations. From the high street to train stations, sports stadiums to ski resorts, digital signage screens are seemingly everywhere.

Part of this rise in the use of outdoor screens has been the falling cost and increased performance of the technology. LCDs are a fraction of the price they once were and now come in so many different varieties; with high brightness, high definition, waterproof, outdoor and other types of displays, continually hitting the market.

The need for a standard

With so many different types of LCD technology available, understanding the limitations of the devices can be difficult. For instance, a TV may be on display as waterproof, but can it be taken outdoors; alternatively, if you have a dusty or industrial location – what type of device would be suited there?

These questions and others are the reason why the National Electrical Manufacturers Association (NEMA) issue standards for electrical device enclosure to indicate the type of conditions they can operate in.

For using outdoor digital signage or other outdoor screens, the standard that is most suitable for the level of protection required is NEMA 4 code. NEMA 4 devices are housed in an enclosure that are, “constructed for either indoor or outdoor use to provide a degree of protection to personnel against access to hazardous parts; to provide a degree of protection of the equipment inside the enclosure against ingress of solid foreign objects (falling dirt and windblown dust); to provide a degree of protection with respect to harmful effects on the equipment due to the ingress of water (rain, sleet, snow, splashing water, and hose directed water); and that will be undamaged by the external formation of ice on the enclosure.” (NEMA guidelines,

Limitations of the NEMA standard

While this standard is useful for determining if a screen or LCD enclosure can operate in outdoor locations, it does have limitations. The NEMA code does not take into account factors such as temperature which in some locations across America can be extreme. These sorts of conditions can disable a device too. NEMA 4 devices may also be vulnerable to impacts, vandalism and other circumstances not covered by the NEMA standard.

Things To Consider and Ensure Success On Your Moose Hunting Journey

A moose is one of the biggest species of the deer family that is mostly found in the North American continent in the United States and Canada. This species of deer is rarely found in any other part of the world except the US and Canada where moose can be seen in numbers. If you don’t much about a moose, then for your knowledge it nowhere looks like a deer and is quite bigger in size and has big antlers and the average weight of a moose ranges between 1200 to 1500 pounds. The big antlers of the moose make them the ideal target of hunters.

It is not legal to hunt an animal in most parts of the world and still the activity is quite popular among masses and there are people out there who want to go for a hunt once in their lifetime. If you are one among those, then you should know about Alaska, where it is legal to hunt down an animal with one condition of taking prior permission from state’s local authority. The state of Alaska is home to a wide variety of animals such as bears, wolves, moose and others. Alaska moose hunting is the single major reason that attracts people to this part of the world.

If you want to go for a moose hunting trip there, then you should know about the habits of this animal. For most part of the year, moose remain under their lairs so you cannot hunt them this time. They come out of those lairs during the mating period, which is from late September to early November, which is the best time to hunt these. Hunters choose to use a variety of techniques to hunt moose, which are stand hunting, still hunting and moose calling. Before you start your trip, the first thing to ensure is that you know hunting very well, if you don’t know, then you should get some training for several months from an expert. Second, you need to have a written permission, which you can obtain by visiting state’s local authority office in person. Third, you must be familiar with the area, where you are going, if you don’t know much about that, then you should do a good research before visiting the area. Next, you need to have the right hunting gear and protective equipment with you. When you take care of the above listed things, then it is almost sure that you achieve success on your hunt.

There is another way of ensuring success on your hunt, which is to contact a reputed hunting company. The company’s experts will guide you in the right direction and provide every kind of help you need. The company also makes you free from carrying your own hunting equipment.

Most Adventurous & Thrilling Camping

download (11)Are you looking for something to do this summer, spring, or even fall? Whether you are looking to do so something independently, with your family, or with your friends, have you ever thought about going camping?

The vast expanses of wilderness, mountains, forest, canyons and coastlines lend themselves to a wide range of outdoor pursuits.

From trekking in the Sierra Nevada Mountains, whitewater rafting through the Grand Canyon on the Colorado River, canoeing down the Mississippi River, fishing on the Great Lakes, sailing in Florida, diving in Hawaii to skiing in the Rocky Mountains, every activity can easily be arranged.

Here are the most fun and thrilling camping and outdoor activities.



Before there were Land Rovers and mountain bikes, there was hiking. The inclination to pack it up and hoof it for long distances can be traced back to our days as nomadic hunter-gatherers, and the goal is little different now than it was back then: Traveling to exciting and unseen places powered by will, stamina, and whatever provisions you can carry on your back.

Today, getting there is all the fun, what with newfangled backpacks to ease your burden, allowing you to drink up the unfolding scenery and let your mind wander. offers a wide range of camping information at your finger tips. Camping is made easy for you with useful and hottest camping tips about camping spots and destinations, camping activities like fishing, hiking, snowboarding, etc, and also about RV camping, camping styles, camping recipes, camping equipments.


When it comes to sex appeal, the canoe always seems to lose out to its sexier stepsister, the kayak. Be it the boat’s relative clunkiness next to the kayak’s sleek lines, or just a quirky, passing trend, canoes have somehow come up less cool.

Yet the underdog status just seems to add to the canoe’s appeal, especially among advanced paddlers, who argue that paddling a canoe takes more finesse.

Scuba Diving

Prepare to get hooked on scuba diving the moment you slip below the water’s surface into the peaceful silence of the undersea world.

You’ll finally understand what Jacques Cousteau was raving about all those years as you swim alongside graceful manta rays large enough to eclipse the sun’s filtered rays, or when you come face to face with a hammerhead sizing you up.

Fortunately, 70 percent of the world is covered in water, so there’s never a shortage of great dive sites to feed your submarine cravings.